Hidden Ranch Doodles

About Our Family


We're the Weaver Family

As avid dog lovers since we were kids, it seems only natural that we are passionate about raising quality, well socialized fur babies.

Since 2008, we have been sharing our lovable, little puppies with the rest of you all.

Now settled on a 27 acre farm with plenty of pastures to roam and creeks to explore, our family continues to raise healthy, happy puppies.

As a small, hobby breeder, our dogs get lots of love and attention. All seven of the Weaver children delightfully help with socializing each litter of playful puppies.

About Our Dogs

Our speciality is 'Doodle breeds - Goldendoodles and Labradoodles for example, for puppies that inherit the best of both worlds.

We fell in love with 'Doodles for their friendly, eager-to-please personality, gorgeous non-shedding coats, and their high intelligence.

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